12 Stories: the Bible album

Joe Tunon

The funnest and easiest way I could think of to review the whole Bible in under an hour. Download it for free or book a live performance for your church or group.

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about the album

"12 Stories: the Bible album" is a musical summary of the whole Bible in 12 stories, or songs. Summarizing the whole Bible began for me in the 1980s when I taught adult Bible classes to different churches in Miami. I would begin each year of the class with a summary of the whole story, and eventually this became its own presentation.

Switching hats, as a musician I played in bands in the 80s and 90s before I started gigging as a soloist in 2010. In 2015, a back injury forced me to stop playing for two years. I took advantage of the unplanned down time to translate the Bible summary into music. I always wanted to do a "Godspell" / "Jesus Christ Superstar" type of album that covered the whole Bible, not just the Gospels.

I finished writing it in 2017, and after recovering from my back injury, I presented it to the different churches. The reception was wonderful, as many people were hearing the whole story for the first time. 

about the narrated version

For the live presentation, I'll give a spoken intro to each song before singing it. But I also recorded a narrated version of the ablum with my good friend and public announcer Don Jackson, who narrated short, teaser-like intros for each song.

To review the whole Bible the first time, try to follow the intros and lyrics for the 12 songs in this version. Click "info" and “lyrics” (before clicking the play button), and see if you can follow along with the words. If you can make it through all 12 stories, you'll get the gist of the whole story.

May “12 Stories: the Bible album” give you a little history at least, and a little inspiration at best!

The Bible Unplugged

Joe Tunon

Here is a solo acoustic guitar version of the Bible album that I had recorded during the quarantine.

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