1. Time

From the recording 12 Stories: the Bible album


Time! It’s taking us forever.
Why? Will we ever ever
Find that we are a nation.
Just tribes tired of living this way.

A new divine decree:
Instead of giving me a child for your sins,
Barbecue the animals and
send a goat into the wild with your sins.
You and I both know
following the rules is hard. It’s so hard.
So love me with your heart & with your soul
and you can always play the Chosen card.

So where’s the milk and honey?
This really isn’t funny no more, oh my Lord.
Animals, diseases, hunger, sun, but wait,
There’s more! There’s the sword.
Tell us what’s the deal
‘cause we really don’t feel so free any more.
I mean, what’s the point of being chosen
If you can’t even fight a war? (Chorus)

Time to take the land I’m giving.
So try. Don’t take the foreign women!
It’s time, so say goodbye to Moses.
It’s time, but remember you’re mine!