1. Three Sixteen

From the recording 12 Stories: the Bible album


Like my cousin said it’s time to change your ways.
Look beneath the miracles.
Forgiveness is what saves.
I didn’t come to smash the Law or stick it on a shelf.
Just love your God and your neighbor too
as if they were yourself.
And don’t turn back the little ones,
the sinners, or the poor.
Just know that you’re the same,
And I’ll open up the door.

Oh, the Kingdom’s begun.
God so loved the world that He gave His only Son.

Eat and drink me up before they get their kill.
Daddy, pass this cup, if only it’s your will.
The water, wine, the bread, the vine… Am I too tangible?
The fire of my Father’s love is inescapable!
And it burns for eternity.
The way, the truth, the life…
Come and follow me!

2 or 3 days later and what did Mary see?
A rabbi resurrected. Now death is history!
There was a thief to my left, a thief to my right,
but one is here with me. And I’ll come to you
like a thief in the night. I wonder where you’ll be.
Now go and tell the world
I’m bringing home what’s mine.
And know that I am with you
until the end of time…(repeat)