1. Maranatha

From the recording 12 Stories: the Bible album


Mary and the twelve apostles
were gathered in the Upper Room.
Tongues of fire descended on them.
Time to preach the word of the tomb!
What do we do about circumcision?
The Gentile problem’s begun,
So Pete and Paul and the James decision
was: Keep it kosher; Follow the Son!
(here we go)

Maranatha! Venga, Yeshua, Adonai!
Maranatha! Venga, Yeshua, God on high!

Paul, a Pharisee and a Roman,
was persecuting the Way,
saw the light and became a spokesman.
We read his letters today:
Forget your animal sacrifices!
I got your “Unknown God”!
You can call me the late apostle.
Besides, Peter gave me the nod!
(here we go)

Eschatological revelation - just when, the Son wouldn't say.
The real apocalyptic question is “Are you ready today”.
Are you ready today?
(Chorus 2x)