From the recording 12 Stories: the Bible album


Daniel in the lion’s den
defending me just like his friends,
Refusing idols, singing in the flames.
Nebuchadnezzar couldn’t understand
the zeal with which these young boys sang.
With joyful noise these boys declared my name.
The boys declared my name!
Courageous family of Maccabees
Picking up a little Greek philosophy,
then a Jewish Hasmonean Dynasty.
But in the days without a prophecy,
Political machinery was all that’s left,
and they just couldn’t see me. Yeah.

And in the days without a prophecy,
Between the testaments a history
of Zealots and centurions in a rage.
The procurators and caesars’ rings
Put false messiahs under puppet kings.
The Roman occupation set the stage.

Philosophy said we had a soul.
The underworld burned into Sheol
for those who don’t make it to the Bosom of Abraham.
The Pharisees and the Sadducees
argued over Moses and eternity.
The Essenes washed but they just couldn’t see me, yeah.
(Chorus 2x)