1. City In Zion

From the recording 12 Stories: the Bible album


The only thing that budges waiting on a judge, is
another piece of land. We need a better plan:
How about a king? Yeah!
People if I do, you only give your loyalty
to royalty that rightfully belongs to me.
Not a good thing! Yeah!
Judge & prophet, Samuel, go tell all of Israel
I’ll give you what you want, I’ll give you Saul,
but you’re not out of the woods! Yeah.
It started off okay but then his will got in the way
and when I told him wipe away the enemy
he spared the king and his goods! Yeah. Yeah. But

There’s a city in Zion where the chosen can pray
And if it’s me you rely on,
You could have it (keep it) today.

I took away the favor that I gave to Saul and later
told the prophet Nathan find the shepherd boy
that does the whole harp and dance. Yeah.
David slew Goliath and the king could not deny it
But he started getting jealous of the boy
and wouldn’t give him a chance. Yeah.
David loved the king but then the king went after Dave
and so he hid up in a cave and
then he wrote some of the psalms that we sing. Yeah.
Saul died in a battle & David got rattled,
but he got back in the saddle, took Jerusalem,
and long live the king, yeah! Yeah! (Chorus)

In the city of Zion even Dave lost his way, yeah.
Took the wife of Uriah, and baby he paid, yeah.
But…(Chorus 2x)

You could keep it today yeah yeah, yeah yeah. (2x) And it’s still there today yeah yeah, yeah yeah. Everything was okay, yeah, yeah, for a while anyway!