40 Day Bible

For those interested in a deeper dive, I present here the handouts from a class I gave covering the whole Bible in a year. This was back in the 80s so we didn't have smartphones and YouTube to record the classes, which is a shame because we shared some awesome experiences - skits, testimonies, guests from other faiths, lively discussions, and of course, music (my other passion).

At least the handouts survived. These are PDFs of the original handouts. The first one is an overview of the whole thing, followed by 40 shorter handouts covering the whole Bible in 40 parts. We went over one part a week, but I suggest reading one part a day to give you a good review of the whole Bible in 40 days. On each handout there's a timeline to show you where you are in the story. The timeline also places every book of the Bible along the timeline. This way whenever you read or hear part of the Bible (and you know what book it's from), you can know where you are in the overall story and get a whole new meaning from the reading. (It really works!) 

May you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed putting them together and presenting them over the years. Don't be this guy: