1. Dreaming You

From the recording On My Way

My first crush. I was 5 and in Kindergarten, and her name was Jackie. One day she stopped showing up, and I never knew why. I'll never forget her. I wrote a song about her 16 years later!


I was in the middle of a daydream
The teacher woke me and all the children laughed as I cried
Except for one little girl in the corner and it seemed
She was always sad and I was always shy.

No one remembered her name
No one seemed to care
She always sat alone
Like she's waiting to go somewhere

She had a face so lonely
The kind you just don't find in a child
She pretty much kept to herself only
Only one day she turned and she looked at me
and she smiled

We all said a prayer for her the very next day...

Now, I see her all the time in the middle of the night
I tell her how school was and she smiles
But now I hate to see morning light
Gotta get up and face the world again for a while, while...

I just wanna go to sleep again
So I can see her once more
I don't ever want this dream to end
So keep me dreaming, Lord

'cause if I see here awake, well then I'll know it's time to go
But I'll have only just begun
And she'll say "Come on in, or would you rather stay?
But if you do, you will not see me again"

And then I'll say goodbye, goodbye, goodbye

I'll enter the dream, and reality is gone
Finally together and finally free
I've been waiting for so long
If I wake up now, you may be gone
But I'll be back again 'cause all I need
is dreaming you...
dreaming you...