1. Sometimes

From the recording On My Way

This one was written during a Chemistry exam. My mind was everywhere else, but mostly on two things: a girl, and God. The words are written to both.


Days are getting longer
Life keeps getting shorter
Loneliness is stronger
Where are you?

Sometimes I wanna be born all over
And I can't do that alone
What should I do?

The only thing that stops me from being
an empty man is how your love fills me
The only thing that stops me from seeing you
is the time this world demands
and it kills me

Sometimes I wish I could just wake up, baby
and have everything I need without the pain
Sometimes I just wanna tear this whole world up
and throw it away
Except for you - you're different
You're everything I need
You make me so much stronger
with every passing day
Won't you tell me that you feel
you feel the same way

Sometimes when this world falls apart
I just think that life goes on
but, baby, does it?
Once the world got cold
but I felt this warm hope in my heart
and I think that was you
now, baby, was it?

Sometimes the world just goes right on without me
I don't think I like that anymore
But I guess if you're a part of this world
Then maybe I can hold out for
just a little bit longer...

Sometimes you work real hard for something, baby
And you know it's yours, it's something you've earned
And so I wonder how you got here, baby,
And now what must I give in return?
Is it really true?
So beautiful!
You're everything I need
Well, I feel it's like I owe you
So, baby, let me see, now
What can I give you?
Well, all I've got is me
So, baby, won't you take it,
Before this whole world takes me