From the recording On My Way

This song sounds angrier than I really was. Frustrated at my parents' protectiveness, I felt a constant pull between being safe and being free. I still do.


Hey hey now my daddy say
Best friend's son got killed today
Drunk ran a stop down Galloway
Worst of all he was your age

I stop driving

Hey hey now my momma say
Your friends made a little mistake
Called my baby and said I'm afraid
Now there ain't no more love we can make

Bye-bye baby

So many chances
That's what is seems
Too many glances
In the way of our dreams

Now don't you remember what momma says
You know son the gods play their game
Never mind your broken dreams and your promises
Spot the demon son and take aim
And don't shoot 'till you see the whites of his eyes
That's advice made and followed by fools
'cuase the demon's eyes are bloodshot, we must realize
See if I was to play by your rules
I would die
I would die
I would die

So who am I to laugh
And you are you to cry
Tell me now what's this all mean
Some people live now and some people die
But too many get caught inbetween