1. So I'm Lost

From the recording On My Way

This was written when I was going out late, sleeping in late, and realizing that if I didn't start doing something with my life, it would be too late!


And every time I wake up now
It's in the middle of another electric lunch
And with a flick of the wrist I can hear what the survey said
or watch the Trek or the Island or the Bunch

And at times when you start walking for the door
You wonder what it is you left behind
But lately I've been walking around in circles
And I wonder when will ever, when will I draw the line?

So I'm lost
So I'm lost
Well am I the very first lost soul you've come across?

So you dress up and mingle with the desperados
Where those night hip critters meet and brag and boast
Walk outside and catch the stars, pretend I'm one
Walk back inside for a bittersweet drag and a toast

And when you're alone that's when you know
If you're where you're supposed to be
But when I'm alone I get so restless
'cause no - nobody's looking
Nobody's looking at me
So what am I supposed to be?

So I'm lost
So I'm lost
Well am I the hundredth lost soul that you've come across?

Or am I the thousandth?

Well I always thought that love meant
Never having to say I'm sorry
Maybe that's why I never said it
Maybe that's why I'd never get it

Well maybe I just want to be alone
So baby leave me alone

Well maybe I don't want to be alone
Maybe I am alone

Maybe I don't want to be alone anymore
Maybe I was wrong!

So I'm lost!
So I'm lost!
Tell me, am I the millionth lost soul that you've come across? Hmm?
So I'm lost
So I'm lost
Dammit, tell me, am I the very last soul...
You've put on a cross?