From the recording On My Way

I had a lot of fun playing with the words on this one. It was originally called "Screaming Mime".


And when we die perhaps life was just a game
Dust to dust you advance a frame
Win and you get back your name
Or the world just passes by

There's more than enough time to spend
But not enough time to waste
Quit studying the insides of your eyelids, boy
Or you'll wake up in a terrible haste

Brother, can you spare a dime?
Hello, can you hear my rhyme?
Am I just a screaming mime?
Thanks, brother, just walk on by

Why I hope the way I do
I really don't know, I just do
Don't ask me why but so should you

You just gotta keep on keeping on
And if your foot should earn a thorn
Do you keep on dancing or decide to mourn
'Cause the world keeps dancing by

So I say do it, do it, do it, do it, do it
You gotta get your butt in gear

You gotta look out with your eyes
You gotta listen up with your ears
You gotta reach out with your hands
But then you gotta get your butt in gear