From the recording On My Way

There are two seemingly unrelated sentiments rolled into one. On the one hand was my desire to do nothing but play music. I didn't want to "play it safe" and get a real job. On the other hand was the bitterness I felt at getting rejected at a club by any girl who thought I only wanted one thing, when the only thing I wanted was to dance.


No matter what you say
I'll always stay the same
Quit casting my shadows in two
It's all that I wanna do

Hope lies in the truth
And there ain't no truth in lying, but dying
So when I think I stand not a chance
Change my mind with a friendly dance

You touched my light but you can't change what I've seen
Some choose to live now and some choose to die
But too many get caught inbetween
So when I think I just don't stand a chance
Would you change my mind with a friendly dance?
To the people, and to God, would you rescue me?