1. Look at You


People prayed to many gods but there was only one.
Abram heard and went where he was told
Count the stars and count the sands,
descendants you will have,
and a promised land you will behold.
Old man, what’s she laughing at?
I’ll see that it comes to that, now!
Now I know the slave girl had a son.
Believe me, he’ll be blessed,
But Sarah’s boy will be the one
and I’m giving you a test.
Old man, give him up to me.
You said yes, so set him free now!
Look at you, “helping” me with Ishmael!
I asked for Isaac, and you did well.
Isaac, you’re the one I chose to follow in the line.
You and Becky had twin boys.
Guess which one is mine?
Esau hunts and Jacob tricks! Uh oh!
I’ll take that trickster just for kicks!
Look at you, fighting me, you’re “Israel”!
Wrestled my angel and you did well.
12 sons next but there was one,
the second to the last.
Ten left Joseph there to die,
but, brothers, not so fast!
Rescued, became pharaoh’s man, uh oh!
Good from bad, my master plan!
Look at you leaving me inside the well.
Look at my face, does it ring a bell?
(It’s all good.)