From the recording D.I.Y.


Me and the sea,
Me and the sea of faces
I’ve poured out my soul
In dark rooms and far away places

But I know they’re just passing on
And I don’t expect them to stay when the music is gone…

My friends are like songs
They all come and go with time
Till you came along
And saved me, you gave me a rhyme

Now how could I ever have known
That I’d be so damn broken-hearted by the feelings you’d shown?

Goodbye Regina
Goodbye my friend

You can stay in my life
But you’ve got to stay out of my mind
I hold what you said
But I’m reading between the lines

You don’t know how much time I spend
Reading and reading it over and over again…

Goodbye Regina
Goodbye my friend

There comes a time
There comes a time in your life
The feeling’s so strong
You don’t know what’s wrong or what’s right any more

Is this how it stays till the end
‘cause I’ve got to keep telling myself that you’re only my friend

Goodbye Regina
Goodbye my friend
Goodbye Regina
Goodbye my queen