The Bible Unplugged

What is "The Bible Unplugged"? To make a long story short... it's a long story made short! It's whole thing from Adam to the Apocalypse in 12 songs. Check out the "Debugged" version, a narrated overview of the story with the songs. It was written for both churches and atheists alike. Give me an hour, and I'll give you the whole story!

The Bible Unplugged

Joe Tunon

A musical summary of the whole Bible in 12 songs.

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The Bible Unplugged ... and Debugged

Joe Tunon

The whole story in 12 songs, but with narrative introductions to make the story easier to understand.

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Lyrics and notes in PDF: 

To book a live performance of "The Bible Unplugged", click here now!

About "The Bible Unplugged"

So why the Bible? And why Unplugged? 

For 30 years I taught the Bible to adults at different churches in Miami. I would teach it as a 40 part series, beginning with a summary of the whole thing as a framework for the rest of the classes. That summary eventually became its own presentation.

Switching hats, for 40 years (and counting) I've been a musician, performing mostly classic rock, first in rock bands (back in the 80s and 90s) and solo with the acoustic guitar ever since.

In 2015, a back injury forced me to stop performing for a couple of years, which gave me time to set my Bible summary to music. I always wanted to do a "Godspell" or "Jesus Christ Superstar" type album, but one that covered the Old and New Testaments, not just the Gospels. Since I had presented the Bible summary enough times to memorize it, the 12 songs pretty much wrote themselves. After I recovered from my injury, I started presenting it at different churches, and the response was overwhelming.

In January of 2020 I retired from my day job as an I/T engineer to pursue music full time... yep, right in time for the pandemic! While it basically pulled the rug out from under my gigging feet, it also became an opportunity to re-record the album, and hopefully I will be able to present it live again soon.

Unplugged... and Debugged

To get the most out of "The Bible Unplugged" (at least the first time) listen to this version that includes short (2 to 3 minute) introductions to each song, narrating the story. Follow along for each song, making sure you understand the story. If you can stay with me for all 12 stories (which should only take about an hour), congratulations! You will have gotten the whole story, start to finish!

After doing it a couple of times you won't need the introductions any more, and you can refresh the story any time with just the songs. (If you forget what something means, just listen to the intro again). I hope you enjoy learning or refreshing it as much as I enjoyed putting it together.

A quick side note: In order condense the story like this I had to leave out a considerable amount of the details so that the overall story would come through. This is a very subjective thing. You can spend a lifetime studying the Bible and barely scratch the surface, let alone try to summarize it in under an hour. But I think you'll find it to be an effective (and fun) way to get the whole story in one shot!

To book a live performance of "The Bible Unplugged", click here now!