Church Talks

In addition to presenting the Bible story, I've also had the opportunity to present other requested topics for different churches. I take the same approach to these presentations as I do with the Bible, namely, summarizing as much pertinent information as possible in the shortest amount of time, and in a way that's easier to understand.

Keep in mind that these are slide presentations which are my shorthand notes to keep me on track when presenting it, so they may not always make sense without having seen it. But a lot of people have asked if I would post them so I was happy to oblige (and you can always contact me to clarify my notes).

"The 1-Hour Bible" - from Genesis to Revelation in 60 minutes 265 KB
"Acts of the Apostles" - the church of the NT in the Book of Acts 400 KB
"Christology" From the Jesus of History to the Christ of Faith 1.35 MB
"Early Church History" - the early church & the pain of change 420 KB
"Johannine Writings" - the 4th Gospel, the 3 Letters, and the Community of the Beloved Disciple 254 KB
"Living With(out) Chronic Back Pain" Healing from TMS (Tension Myoneural Syndrome) 353 KB
"Ministry and Culture" - All Things to All People 2.28 MB
"Parables and Miracles" The Kingdom is here and yet to come 1.45 MB
"Prayer and Temperament" - Learning to pray...your way 1.65 MB
"NT Formation" - Creating, Collecting, Canonizing & Copying the books of the NT 597 KB
"The Trinity" - the Relational God of the Christian Faith 730 KB
"In the End" - Revelation Revealed 824 KB